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Royal Roads Design Thinking

Design Thinking as a Valuable Tool for Ideation and Iteration of Solutions to Clinical Challenges in Rehabilitation Medicine Project Based Learning

Mar 6 | 10:15 AM

Location: Zoom Room 1

As part of an eight-month capstone project, NAIT Bachelor of Technology (BTech) student teams often use the Stanford Design thinking workshop as a springboard to develop a workflow of empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test their ideas. In this brief presentation, we will present a case study of one BTech student project wherein the Team’s goal was to develop a replacement device for at least six different balance boards, used for rehabilitation therapy, into one device that could be easily modified to accommodate variable needs and abilities of patients at baseline and through their course of clinical treatment and improvement. Over the course of the project, the Team moved through seven cycles of design thinking, from a prototype built with tennis balls and a board to a working, tested prototype that met clinical needs of patients.
In addition to the case study described above, we will share how the Stanford Design thinking approach has been used to solve other BTech student team capstone project challenges, especially those involved in rehabilitation medicine.

Session Speakers:

Melissa Dobson and Joseph Varughese